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Over 20 Years of Experience | Geophysical Services Covering New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, & Delaware | GPR Specialists

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American Geophysics Inc.

SDVOSB Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Concrete Scanning, Utility Locating, Electromagnetic Profiling, at American Geophysics, we handle it all. Commercial, Industrial, and Residential geophysical services, we have you covered no matter the size and scope of the project.

At American Geophysics Inc., we’re fully licensed and OSHA Certified GPR Specialists with over 20 years of industry experience.

Client satisfaction is our goal, and we look forward to including you in that list.

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Geophysical Services

Working in the field, the survey is only half the job. At American Geophysics Inc., we know the importance of timely reporting for geophysical services with clear and visualized data.

We strive to provide our customers with quality reporting and figures that back up our findings, which allow you to make the right decisions. We’re the reputable geophysical specialists committed to exceeding your project needs.

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No Matter the Size and Scope,
We Have You Covered

With an ever-growing client base, we realize customer satisfaction is truly the hallmark of our success. Building and cultivating relationships is what we are about, and we work hard from start to finish to make sure our clients are satisfied with each step along the way.

The only way to achieve this is by successfully conquering every job we’re given, no matter the magnitude. Whatever your job entails, call us now and feel confident that you’re getting superior quality from geophysical pros.

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Recent Geophysical Services

Latest Projects

  • Cutting-Edge Utility Mark-Out and Video Pipe Inspection for a Septic Tank, Leach Field, and Distribution Box in Rockland County, NY - When a client in Rockland County, New York, required a comprehensive private Utility Mark-Out (UMO) and Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) in a challenging environment, American Geophysics delivered outstanding results. Specializing in precise geophysical services, American Geophysics was tasked with inspecting and orienting critical subsurface components, including a septic tank, distribution box, and leach field. After carefully calibrating their advanced equipment to the specific conditions, their skilled technicians successfully performed a thorough video pipe inspection of the septic tank …
  • Safe Integrity with Detecting All Potential "Sinkholes" and Voids in the Concrete Slab in Monmouth, NJ - American Geophysics was called to assist the Engineering and GC team to detect all potential "sinkholes" and voids in the concrete slab on grade and exterior of the property. American Geophysics was able to use the concrete scanner/GPR and Olson Instruments CG-2 Impact Echo Pulse to identify all "delamination" and "voids" in the structural-slabs and slab on grade of the building for the engineering and GC team to safely perform their renovations to the building and ensure the safety and integrity of the building’s makeup and especially the safety of the workers on-site…

Utility Mark-Out and Video Pipe Inspection for a Septic Tank, Leach Field, and Distribution Box in Rockland County, NY
Detecting All Potential Sinkholes and Voids in the Concrete Slab in Monmouth, NJ

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Video Pipe Inspection To Take The Guesswork Out Of Plumbing Problems

At American Geophysics Inc., we use state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques and procedures to provide our local area clients with video pipe inspections and accurately identify problems in their plumbing pipes. Our geophysical specialists can accurately pinpoint the precise problems using our specialized video pipe inspection equipment […]

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