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Leak Detection with Sewer Line Camera Inspection In New Jersey

Contact us to schedule an appointment for leak detection with sewer line camera inspection services. Don’t hesitate or procrastinate when we can provide you with the valuable and crucial information you need.

Professional Leak Detection Specialists Working For You

You could have a subsurface water leak without knowing it. It’s a problem that can continue for a long time until it causes enough resulting damage to get your attention. Our professional leak detection with sewer line camera inspection is the ideal solution for hidden issues. The process is valuable for maintaining quality water distribution via utilities, municipalities, and industrial facilities. American Geophysics Inc. wants to help with early leak detection to help prevent:

  • Expensive water loss and resulting repairs
  • Environmental issues concerning water waste
  • Severe underground soil erosion complications
  • Compromising the structural integrity of buildings

Let’s mitigate the water loss by putting detection at the forefront and lessening the disastrous impact underground leaks can have. Our process can detect small pinhole leaks, breaks in a main line, and anything in between.

Protection Starts With Detection

American Geophysics Inc. offers important, quality services, such as leak detection with sewer line camera inspection. As a premier and preferred geophysical company serving New Jersey and surrounding states, we provide visual access to areas that would otherwise require invasive measures to know what’s going on. Work with us for concrete scanning, x-rays, and fire line leak detection, just to name a few.

Ground penetrating radar-related services are our area of expertise. We use innovative equipment and cutting-edge technologies to see places and collect valuable insight and information.

Routine inspections can resolve an existing issue with early detection. We believe in our services for safety, conservation, and resolution to ensure that even small leaks don’t wreak havoc on homes, businesses, and public or private land.

Now is the time to get proactive about leak detection and mitigation. Call our team to learn more or schedule service for leak detection with sewer line camera inspection in New Jersey and nearby Northern states, including NY, PA, CT, and DE.

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