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ground penetrating radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys have become the gold standard in the subsurface investigation. American Geophysics Inc. incorporates (GPR) in all its services using only the latest industry-standard equipment, making us a leader in the geophysical industry.

Real-time processing and results can quickly identify areas of concern (AOCs), providing valuable insight when locating underground storage tanks (USTs), digging test pits, and formulating a sampling plan.

Putting GPR to Work for Your Project

We’re honored to be a local leader for geophysical subcontractor services like ground-penetrating radar. It’s considered the most effective technology for getting real-time visuals.

It’s an ideal resource to use for construction, surveys, environmental studies, and other projects, like utility locating.

Some of the significant benefits of ground-penetrating radar include:

  • Safer and More Secure
  • Cost-Effective
  • More Efficient
  • Better Scan Production
  • Accuracy
ground penetrating radar

There are other alternatives that can be used, but why not get the best? Call American Geophysics Inc. to be your expert when you need geophysical services like ground-penetrating radar.

ground penetrating radar

Latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Projects

Safe Integrity with Detecting All Potential “Sinkholes” and Voids in the Concrete Slab in Monmouth, NJ

American Geophysics was called to assist the Engineering and GC team to detect all potential “sinkholes” and voids in the concrete slab on grade and exterior of the property. American Geophysics was able to use the concrete scanner/GPR and Olson Instruments CG-2 Impact Echo Pulse to identify all “delamination” and “voids” in the structural-slabs and slab on grade of the building for the engineering and GC team to safely perform their renovations to the building and ensure the safety and integrity of the building’s makeup and especially the safety of the workers on-site.

Pro-Safe Detecting All “Delamination” and Voids in the Concrete Slabs and Structural Decks of the Building in Atlantic County, NJ

American Geophysics was able to use the concrete scanner/GPR and Olson Instruments CG-2 Impact Echo Pulse to identify all delamination and voids in the structural-slabs and slab on grade of the building for the engineering and GC team to safely perform their renovations to the building and ensure the safety and integrity of the building’s makeup and especially the safety of the workers on-site.

Professionally Safe Rooftop Deck Concrete Scan to Identify Electrical Conduits in Center City, Philadelphia, PA

American Geophysics was able to use our concrete scanner/GPR and equipment to scan the rooftop structural-deck for all reinforcements, structural-components and electrical conduits in order for the engineering and GC team to safely anchor, core, and perform their re-design to the rooftop deck in Center City, Philadelphia, PA.

Pro Concrete Scanning – Using GPR to Assist with Collecting Sub Slab Vapor Samples in a Laundromat in Cherry Hill, NJ

At a laundromat in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, American Geophysics was able to use the concrete scanner to scan the slab on grade for any reinforcements and electrical conduits in order for the environmental team to collect their “sub-slab vapor samples”. In addition to using the concrete scanner, we used RF equipment to confirm and identify any other potential electrical conduits or copper piping that would exist in or just beneath the slab on grade that would impact the locations to be sampled.

Diligence in Using GPR to Assist Environmental Drilling Team in Sussex County, NJ

American Geophysics recently completed a project using GPR to assist an environmental drilling team in Sussex County, NJ. We were able to identify any potential underground storage tanks (USTs), and all septic systems, as well as identify any other areas of concern (AOCs) that included metallic debris consistent with oil/petroleum drums and barrels.

Finding Lost Wells with GPR and DPGS Mapping at Private Commercial Facility in Philadelphia, PA

Over the winter, without knowing or approval, 2-3 feet of a mixed-fill was layered on top of the existing surface for the trucks and fleet to navigate the terrain of the facility. This caused the existing monitoring wells on-site to be buried and lost. To avoid having to redrill or reinstall new monitoring wells, our technicians were called in to try and locate the lost wells.

Skilled Foundation Concrete GPR Inspection Prior to Overbuild at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) on Civic Center Blvd in Philadelphia, PA

The engineering and construction design team needed an inspection performed to overbuild and perform some renovations at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. All “grouted cells” versus potential “voided cells” of the foundation wall and concrete masonry units (CMUs) needed to be identified for the engineering team.

Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Map Existing Utility Lines in Goshen, NY

The engineering and construction design team needed to overbuild and perform some renovations to the property at in Goshen, New York. All subsurface utilities and any “unknowns” needed to be identified and mapped out prior to the commencement of the demo/renovation. Unknowns can be any anomalies detected in the subsurface or decommissioned/abandoned utility systems.

Locating and Marking of Structural Beams and Electrical Conduits at College in New York City, NY

The engineering and construction design team needed to core two locations for data/telecommunication and electrical feeds in the facade/false rooms that protect the elevator shafts. Even in the tight amount of available surface space, the client needed the field technician to determine the thickness of the concrete slab to core through, any structural beams or components detected; as well as mark all detected reinforcements and electrical/IT/data conduits residing in the structural concrete slab.

Geophysical Investigation of State Laboratory and Medical Center in Freehold, NJ

The client asked us to perform a geophysical concrete investigation of the laboratory roof prior to adding HVAC systems and associated piping and components. For all these proposed coring and anchoring locations on the roof, the client wanted/needed the “post-tension cables”, reinforcements, electrical conduits as well as the hollows of the (precast slab), all identified and marked out prior to performing the coring and anchoring.

Detection and Marking of All Underground Utility Systems at Private Property in Wayne, NJ

The client needed to purchase and renovate this private residence/compound in Wayne, NJ. They requested a full utility mark out to locate active utilities as well as any abandoned components or potential underground storage tanks (USTs) still residing on the property.

Determining Pattern of Size and Spacing of Rebar Reinforcements of a “Retention-Wall” Prior to an Overbuild in Bucks County, PA

American Geophysics stated by using both the Profoscope and concrete scanner/GPR. By doing this the field technician was able to determine the rebar size and spacing in both directions of the retention wall in question.

Identification and Marking-Out of Orientation of Underground Cables in Lodi, NJ

Using GPR, and the RF equipment, we were able to identify radial cables coming from the base of an antenna and their pathways across the property and to the main building in Lodi, NJ.

Mapping and Marking Communications Line Conduits through Concrete for Penthouse in Manhattan, New York City, NY

The client wanted to have his own IT and communications line fed to their private penthouse in New York City. In order to do so, a separate “riser” of lines needed to be fed from the basement, up approximately 50 floors.

American Geophysics Celebrates a Decade in Business in Boonton, NJ

At American Geophysics we are proud to have been able to serve the community for over a decade. This summer we had our tenth-anniversary party at a park in Boonton, NJ. Everyone on the staff had a great time and they all look forward to providing the best GPR services for years to come! Also, a special thanks to Dan for being an amazing boss and leader for the team.

Finding A Hidden Underground Storage Tank in Jersey City, NJ

An abandoned in place, decommissioned or “orphaned” underground storage tank was detected in the walkway to the home. The previous owners tried to “hide the vent line” by painting the vent line the same color as the wall, as well as, using similar piping for the railing of the staircase that matches the vent pipe.

Saving A Real Estate Deal by Using a Three Layer Investigation Technique in Long Island, NY

One major thing that sets us aside from the other locating firms is that our methodology consists of three layers of investigation, whereas most firms only provide one. The other firms only use magnetometers, which solely detect magnetic/metallic presences in the subsurface.

Utility Mapping, Detecting Underground Storage Tanks, and Locating Boring Areas for Contamination Tests at Philadelphia Water in Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Water Department asked American Geophysics to assist with; locating active and inactive utilities, buried utility access points, detecting heating-oil USTs (underground storage tanks), as well as investigating approximately 25 proposed boring locations for contamination testing.

Location of Lost Water Well and Components with Ground Penetrating Radar in Cape May, NJ

A client called us asking if we could help them locate a lost water well in Cape May, New Jersey. American Geophysics was able to use the GPR 250 to locate the lost water well, as well as its non-conductive piping.

Discovery of Orientation of Radiant Heating Coils Using Thermal Imaging in the Rittenhouse Section of Center City, Philadelphia, PA

Our client at a private residence in the Rittenhouse Section of Center City, Philadelphia needed to have “radiant heating coils” of non-conductive materials oriented as part of an overbuild. The project’s goal was to expand the width of the staircase.

Septic Tank and Leach Field Investigation in Atlantic County, NJ

For this project, a septic tank, and leach field needed to be investigated and oriented at a private marina, in Atlantic County, NJ. The equipment used for this project was the GPR 250 MHz, The RD8000 pipe and cable locator in conjunction with the Jameson Duct Rodder.

Orienting of Water Lines for Water Well in Colts Neck, NJ

Projects that include non-conductive materials usually require a GPR survey in order to orient the components. For this specific project in Colts Neck, NJ the client needed the water lines coming off the well that feeds the equestrian ranch to be oriented, so we marked out the lines with blue flags.

New Nitrogen Holding Tank at Dow/Pfizer Complex in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

This work was done for DOW/PFIZER complex in Pennsylvania. The goal was to redesign and install a new proposed nitrogen holding tank in place of the old one and its foundation.

Dan’s Oversight of All Current Projects in Philadelphia

Dan (the company’s owner), did a site audit day (or a pop-in!) to check everyone’s work across Philadelphia. Not sure how to best phrase this but maybe this can be labeled (OVERSIGHT) or (OVERSITE.) Get it?

Locating all Conduits and Wiring Systems at PSE&G Substation in Thorofare, NJ

This is a project we performed for an electric client at the PSE&G Substation in Thorofare, NJ. All the electrical conduits, and wiring systems that feed the substation from the solar field needed to be identified and located.

Location of Subsurface Pipes and Cables in Tamaqua, PA

This project was performed in Tamaqua, PA. This was part of a Verizon site adjacent to the historic train depot. The technician needed to identify any subsurface utilities, anomalies, or data consistent with underground storage tanks (USTs).

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