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Concrete Scanning Professionals

concrete scanning

With over two decades of industry expertise as a leading geophysical company, American Geophysics Inc. is here for you. One of the essential services we offer our customers is concrete scanning.

The primary reason you need our experts to help with concrete scanning is safety. Your project shouldn’t move forward until you have an accurate scan of what you could be dealing with under the concrete.

However, you can also feel good that this service will save you money and time, so it’s worth the initial investment. Trust the company that has the customers’ best interest in mind, especially when it comes to something as critical as working underground, especially under concrete.

Precision Matters When it Comes to Concrete Scanning

Scanning concrete using GPR has become an industry-standard practice before cutting or coring concrete. Experience with concrete scanning and GPR interpretation is the most important aspect of a successful concrete scan.

This preferred method provides an accurate, safe, and cost-effective means of locating:

  • Rebar
  • Post Tension Cables
  • Electrical conduit
  • Utilities
  • Void Spaces
  • Steel Beams
concrete scanning

Engineers and insurance requirements have overwhelmingly embraced the use of GPR for concrete scanning. Our experienced personnel and industry-leading equipment will provide you with accurate results each time.

Contact our experts today for concrete scanning, and find out why we’re the preferred geophysical company in NJ, PA, NY, and CT.

Latest Concrete Scanning Projects

Concrete Scan at the New Brooklyn Heights Public Library

The New Brooklyn Heights Public Library needed to have structural changes made for the new design. The construction called for an over-build/remodel, as well as preservation of the existing electrical and other wiring systems.

Concrete Scan at New Brooklyn Heights Public Library Brooklyn, NY

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