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Utility Locating Services

utility locating

Private Utility Mark Outs are essential to ensuring that all underground utilities are accounted for before any digging occurs. Proper utility locating markings not only ensure safety but also provide valuable information for all trades working within the job site.

Make sure your next project is marked before you dig, and let a professional geophysical team expertly handle the job for you. American Geophysics Inc. uses only industry-standard Radio Detection equipment operated by experienced personnel to get the job completed.

Servicing both commercial and residential job sites, we’re committed to making your project safer and easier. We use a variety of Ground Penetrating Radar equipment to accomplish what we need to for utility locating and provide you with peace of mind to move forward with your work.

Professional Utility Locating for Your Project

It’s critical to have a professional utility locating assessment completed before starting a project that could impact anything underground. This often includes preparation for jobs like lines for:

  • Fiber Optics
  • Natural Gas
  • Telecommunication
  • Traffic Lights
  • Storm Drains
  • And more
utility locating

Before you can begin digging, you need to be able to identify and label the locations where utility mains already exist, for both public and private utilities. Our job is to determine where utility lines already exist, and where new ones should be placed.

Hitting an existing line can cause a myriad of problems, including the need for line repairs and delays with your construction job. It can be especially dangerous when dealing with electrical lines or natural gas.

Digging without proper utility location can lead to property damage and personal injury. In extreme cases, it could even result in the loss of life – and no job is worth that risk.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved and reduce the risk of running into costly repairs that could be avoided, call American Geophysics Inc. to get professional service.

Make sure your project is done right and that you prevent construction delays by letting industry experts provide you with the information that you need. Call us now to schedule your utility locating, starting with your free quote.

Latest Utility Locating Projects

Latest Video Pipe Inspection Projects

Cutting-Edge Utility Mark-Out and Video Pipe Inspection for a Septic Tank, Leach Field, and Distribution Box in Rockland County, NY

When a client in Rockland County, New York, required a comprehensive private Utility Mark-Out (UMO) and Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) in a challenging environment, American Geophysics delivered outstanding results. Specializing in precise geophysical services, American Geophysics was tasked with inspecting and orienting critical subsurface components, including a septic tank, distribution box, and leach field.

Safely and Efficiently Performing Geotechnical Borings and Underground Storage Tank (UST) Investigation in Bergen County, NJ

American Geophysics Inc was able to identify any potential underground storage tanks (USTs), as well as identify any other areas of concern (AOCs), foundations or footings of previous structures leftover in the subsurface for our client in Bergen County, New Jersey. We were also diligent in helping the geotechnical drill team ensure that all tests and sampling collected were performed safely…

Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Map Existing Utility Lines in Goshen, NY

The engineering and construction design team needed to overbuild and perform some renovations to the property in Goshen, New York. All subsurface utilities and any “unknowns” needed to be identified and mapped out prior to the commencement of the demo/renovation. Unknowns can be any anomalies detected in the subsurface or decommissioned/abandoned utility systems.

Locating and Marking of Structural Beams and Electrical Conduits at College in New York City, NY

The engineering and construction design team needed to core two locations for data/telecommunication and electrical feeds in the facade/false rooms that protect the elevator shafts. Even in the tight amount of available surface space, the client needed the field technician to determine the thickness of the concrete slab to core through, any structural beams or components detected; as well as mark all detected reinforcements and electrical/IT/data conduits residing in the structural concrete slab.

Detection and Marking of All Underground Utility Systems at Private Property in Wayne, NJ

The client needed to purchase and renovate this private residence/compound in Wayne, NJ. They requested a full utility mark out to locate active utilities as well as any abandoned components or potential underground storage tanks (USTs) still residing on the property.

Utility Mapping, Detecting Underground Storage Tanks, and Locating Boring Areas for Contamination Tests at Philadelphia Water in Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Water Department asked American Geophysics to assist with; locating active and inactive utilities, buried utility access points, detecting heating-oil USTs (underground storage tanks), as well as investigating approximately 25 proposed boring locations for contamination testing.

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