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Electromagnetic Profiling (EM) Experts

electromagnetic profiling

Electromagnetic Profiling (EM) provides unique and valuable information about subsurface content, properties, and anomalies. American Geophysics Inc. can combine both EM and GPR to provide one of the most comprehensive geophysical investigations possible.

Using the latest industry technology (GSSI EMP-400), we can easily cover all types of job sites and environments ranging from square feet to acres. This unique system allows us to capture data over multiple frequencies simultaneously while logging GPS coordinates of the gathered information.

After the scan, we post-process the data, providing high-quality, accurate figures, which can be vital in determining where to focus your efforts first. Electromagnetic Profiling is essential, and we’re the team of experts to trust to handle the job for you.

Electromagnetic Profiling Advantages

electromagnetic profiling

Electromagnetic Profiling data is used to narrow down the search results so that we can use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to finish the job. The follow-up research that is conducted with GPR shouldn’t begin until EM Profiling has been carried out first, for jobs that require it.

This service and this technology enable our team at American Geophysics Inc. to provide our clients with accurate data that they require for their project. We’ll be able to offer the factual data that benefits you and the work you need to carry out.

Call us now for a free quote and to schedule your Electromagnetic Profiling. We’re GPR Specialists and we are OSHA Certified with over 20 years of industry expertise and look forward to working with you.

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