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Diligence in Using GPR to Assist Environmental Drilling Team in Sussex County, NJ

Using GPR to Assist Environmental Drilling Team in Sussex County, NJ

Project Description:

American Geophysics was able to identify any potential underground storage tanks (USTs), and all septic systems, as well as identify any other areas of concern (AOCs) that included metallic debris consistent with oil/petroleum drums and barrels, chemical/solvent containers, any other potential “dumping” or disturbances in the subsurface across the 15-acre farm and estate. We were also diligent in helping the environmental team and drill team ensure that all soil tests and sampling collected during the Phase I and Phase II did not unnecessarily damage any existing subsurface utilities on-site by mapping out the entire property’s utility network using digital GPS mapping equipment, and they will never “lose” the map again.

Client Sussex County, NJ
Services/Products Digital GPS Mapping Equipment

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