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A thorough onsite investigation is essential to the success of any geophysical service, but that’s only half the job. At American Geophysics Inc., we understand the importance of reporting our findings clearly and concisely to take care of our clients in areas like Philadelphia.

Our reports provide clients with a clear and comprehensive review of our findings, offering a professional summary of the entire site, scope, and process. We supply several figures, including images, survey maps, and post-processed data when applicable, to make sure the client and staff can have a full understanding of what was found.

We take the time to make sure our reports contain the appropriate information allowing our clients to make informed decisions moving forward with their project. If you require geophysical services in Philadelphia, South Jersey, or surrounding areas, now is the time to schedule your service with us.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Moving Your Project Forward

When it comes to subsurface investigation, nothing surpasses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Countless Philadelphia projects would never have come to fruition without the use of our advanced technology.

Some of the benefits of GPR are:

  • Safety
  • Inexpensive
  • Efficient
  • Better Quality Scans
  • Fast Results

GPR comes into play for a number of situations, including ground, concrete, and more. The commonly used alternative is an X-ray scanner, yet the results aren’t nearly as clear, concise, or accurate.

Before you begin to dig and move forward with your project, it’s time to get serious about what’s under the site you intend to work on. Stop taking unnecessary risks and contact us to provide you with superior service.

What We Offer Our Clients

At American Geophysics Inc., we work with commercial, industrial, and residential customers. We can take care of any size project and offer a free quote to help earn your trust.

We’re OSHA Certified, with over two decades worth of industry experience. Plus, we offer a variety of integral services such as:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Concrete Scanning
  • Utility Locating
  • Electromagnetic Profiling
  • Residential Tank Sweep
  • Borehole Logging
  • Video Pipe Inspection

All the good planning in the world won’t make a difference for your project if you fail to get the data you need, and the data that we can provide for you. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can get you the feedback your project requires.

Call us now and get the best experience, technology, and communication from a reputable geophysical company in Philadelphia.

Latest Projects in Philadelphia, PA

Professionally Safe Rooftop Deck Concrete Scan to Identify Electrical Conduits in Center City, Philadelphia, PA

American Geophysics was able to use our concrete scanner/GPR and equipment to scan the rooftop structural-deck for all reinforcements, structural-components and electrical conduits in order for the engineering and GC team to safely anchor, core, and perform their re-design to the rooftop deck in Center City, Philadelphia, PA.

Finding Lost Wells with GPR and DPGS Mapping at Private Commercial Facility in Philadelphia, PA

Over the winter, without knowing or approval, 2-3 feet of a mixed-fill was layered on top of the existing surface for the trucks and fleet to navigate the terrain of the facility. This caused the existing monitoring wells on-site to be buried and lost. To avoid having to re-drill or reinstall new monitoring wells, our technicians were called in to try and locate the lost wells.

Innovative Investigation and Concrete Scanning of South Philadelphia Fire Department Prior to Renovation at Engine 49 on S 13th St in Philadelphia, PA

The engineering and construction design teams needed an inspection performed to overbuild and perform some renovations. The renovations included the design and installation of new drains, a new oil-water separator, as well as “tying into” existing sanitary lines. In order to do so, this required all the subsurface utilities to be accounted for with depths below the surface, to be able to pitch lines at the proper slope.

Skilled Foundation Concrete GPR Inspection Prior to Overbuild at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) on Civic Center Blvd in Philadelphia, PA

The engineering and construction design team needed an inspection performed to overbuild and perform some renovations at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. All “grouted cells” versus potential “voided cells” of the foundation wall and concrete masonry units (CMUs) needed to be identified for the engineering team.

Pro-Team Investigation of Existing Concrete Structures at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Civic Center Blvd in Philadelphia, PA

The engineering and construction design team needed to overbuild on the concrete structures existing on-site. The team needed to know if there was any detected delamination; or any parallel or subparallel flaws from the surface such as the slabs, walls, columns, mat-foundation and beams.

Utility Mapping, Detecting Underground Storage Tanks, and Locating Boring Areas for Contamination Tests at Philadelphia Water in Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Water Department asked American Geophysics to assist with; locating active and inactive utilities, buried utility access points, detecting heating-oil USTs (underground storage tanks), as well as investigating approximately 25 proposed boring locations for contamination testing.

Discovery of Orientation of Radiant Heating Coils Using Thermal Imaging in the Rittenhouse Section of Center City, Philadelphia, PA

Our client at a private residence in the Rittenhouse Section of Center City, Philadelphia needed to have “radiant heating coils” of non-conductive materials oriented as part of an overbuild. The project’s goal was to expand the width of the staircase.

Concrete Scan at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) on Civic Center Blvd in Philadelphia, PA

This project was done in Philadelphia for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Pennsylvania. 3D grid scans were performed, collected and recorded around various parts of the hospitals (both finished/in-use and under construction.)

Dan’s Oversight of All Current Projects in Philadelphia

Dan (the company’s owner), did a site audit day (or a pop-in!) to check everyone’s work across Philadelphia. Not sure how to best phrase this but maybe this can be labeled (OVERSIGHT) or (OVERSITE.) Get it?

Concrete Investigation at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA

This is a concrete investigation we performed at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. We used the GSSI mini XT 2.7GHz GPR, as well as the RD8000 pipe and cable locator as the equipment.

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